Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day Kid Crafts Pin!

I hope you are having a nice St. Patrick's Day! We have friends visiting from Texas this week and to celebrate, we are having a bonfire BBQ at the beach later Tonight. That's one of the perks of living in Southern California, unless it's raining, every day is a "beach" day!
Tomorrow I'll be making the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal for my family- Corned beef, baked carrots, cabbage and Irish soda bread.

Don't you just love these clovers?
I picked them up at Trader Joes last year and re-potted them in the garden!

I love how clever this cake is with the foil wrapped chocolate coins in the center! But boy, that's a lot of black frosting to digest. Don't you agree? I Once used a ton of black frosting to make a "road" for a car themed cake. I think the next time I'll air brush the cake. Seems easier. :)

So how do you like the Shamrock pin Dyllan is holding in the top photo?
I used Green Glitter Chipboard from The Robins Nest.
To make this pin, you will need the following...super easy!
Favorite heart punch, - (mine is a scalloped heart by Fiskars)
Circle craft punch (smaller than all the hearts combined) and sturdy paper.
Tacky glue, gold ribbon, pin backings.

Punch 3 hearts per shamrock, use leftover glittered card stock to make the stems.
Punch as many circle backings as needed and add a generous amount of glue to each circle. Place the stem on the circle. Press down for a few seconds. Add a little glue to the stem part on the circle. Place the first heart in the center of the circle so the bottom of the heart touches the bottom of the circle. Then add the other two hearts on each side, pressing firmly each heart for at least ten seconds each. Put aside to set while you work on the other shamrocks.

Going back to your first shamrock, add just a touch of glue to the back of the stem and press down the center of the ribbon for a few seconds. Then flip over and tie a tight bow. Flip over again and add some glue to the center of the circle. Open your pin up and place in the center of the glue. Add a little more glue if desired and spread with a tooth pick or your finger so the glue is even. Put aside to cure completely.

Please visit The Robins Nest for other fun craft idea's!
May the "Luck" of the Irish be with you Today!
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