February 6, 2008

Charm Swap Update

~Here is the update on the Spring Charm Swap! If you don't see your name here, please make sure to e-mail me your name, address, e-mail addy and any other blog/web links you might have.

Dead line to sign up is Feb. 15th.
Go here for more details on the swap!

1. Myself
2. Kai Naconi
3. Valerie Myers
4. Roseann Hoyle
5. Sandy Bahn
6. Susan Carroll
7. Laura Casey
8. Amyre Ready
9. Barbara Burkard
10. Maya Oren-Dahan

I'm still waiting on info from 4 other people! Hopefully we can get more to sign up!
After the deadline, I'll send out new details to everyone participating! If you are international, please e-mail and we can talk details on how to work on shipping. ;o)


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Looks like you will have a lot of fun with the charms.

  2. looks like fun... looking forward to seeing what the ending results are!! have fun!

  3. I seriously thought about it, but it's just too crazy right now. Maybe the next one.

  4. Still working on mine - can't wait to see what everyone does!


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