Today is the last day!

(((Sign up is now closed!))))

Today is the last day to sign up for the Spring Charm Swap!
Details here-

Please make (15) not (25) charms!

1. Myself
2. Kai Naconi
3. Valerie Myers
4. Roseann Hoyle
5. Sandy Bahn
6. Susan Carroll
7. Laura Casey
8. Amyre Ready
9. Barbara Burkard
10. Maya Oren-Dahan
11. Pam Hoffman
12. Stephanie Meadows
13.Melissa Merrill
14. Anne Kenney
15.Diana Pohl
16. Michelle Geller
17. Sheri Leseberg
18. Lene Tingberg

1 comment:

ScrapAloha said...

Oh well, guess you didn't get my email (long time ago) or my message on your blog more recently). I'll catch the next one. ;) Just didn't want you to think I flaked ;) Must have gotten lost in cyberspace or in your spam folder. Take care!!
Glad you are feeling better! {{{hugs}}}


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