February 21, 2008

You may think you know me...

~ Not to brag, but I do have a wide range of artistic ablility! I've been into Art for as long as I can remember. I swear, the only thing I have not "tried" is glass blowing and welding, two of which I'd still love to do some time!
~Here are few pieces from past with a ditty about each...
I have been doodeling and painting sun's for a really long time. I just recently started re-doodeling them in a large sketch book. It's theraputic for me, because I also re-live moments/conversations from the past. The reason I am digging "with creative passion" into my past is that I find comfort in finding things that brought me joy. A quote from "Never Been Kissed", "Write what you know", In my case Create what you know.

~I made this sun during a weekend stay at my Mom's in Borrego. While dating Brian. First I sketched it, then I painted it. It is still on the wall of our living room.


~ In High School, at San Clemente High, I was at the last minute asked to contribute some drawings for the school newspaper. This was one of them. I also was asked to contribute more sketches in papers to come.

~Here is my version of "Poppy Fields" That I completed as a extra curriculem course in High School. I enjoyed art so much that in Senior Year, My Art teacher let me add on a extra class, make up my to do list and I worked in the back room while he taught up front. I was graded as normal and graduated my Senior year with the Poseidon award with is like a Oscar! It was very exciting because I was nominated the previous two years . I got it for Arts and Ceramics.
~ In Junior Colleage I took life drawing, twice. I still don't have it quite down with drawing people. I especially did not like drawing a particular older male model who seemed to leer at us girls in the class. when I find sketches I did of him, I turn them face down but can't throw them away because they are still a part of me.

For a while, in High School I became "Obsessed" with Harris. I studied everything he did. Color is my strong part in art, so naturally, I took to his style


~In Life Drawing, we were sometimes asked to do "homework" over the weekend. We had to choose from a magazine. I chose this image of William S. Burroughs because the original print had alot of shadows that fit perfect with his coruppted personality. I also sketched him upside down. This ,I find helps me in not seeing it as a person, but instead a bunch of lines and shapes.


~ Another drawing for the school newspaper, "Carnation"

I used to doodle alot! Those are yet to share with you! My first Rapidograph pen introduced me to a world I never knew existed before ball point pens! When my sister and I used to ride the train from San Juan Capistrano to visit our Dad in San Diejo, I'd pass my pieces around the train car to complete strangers and ask them to jot down one word first impressions on the back. I still have these pieces. It 's fun to look back in time and read what people saw in my art!


On the back card board of a giant art pad, I attempted to paint my Mom from memory. It's not really her, but I still like how it turned out!


~ So back to Art class. I tended to make friends first with guys in the class and then developed crushes later. Go figure, maybe I was too "real". One of my friends Anthony Winn was developing his style for his dream to work for Marvel comics. Already having a love for the "Wolverine", sketched along side of him, barely matching his apparent talent. I have a print from him of a mermaid and a merman that I treasure dearly in my studio.

I really liked and still do, drawing comic book faces, especially the eyes. I always believed that "eyes were the window to the soul" ~


~ Just a practice sketch of "still life" I try to still do this often to keep me in "check"


~When I was in my early 20', I'd sketch people souls. This was of a friend who is not really evil, but his energy gave off a devilish vibe at the moment!


Well that's all for now... I'll show more to come and also new~ old pieces I'm working on!


  1. Holy cow, woman! You are super talented. The only art class I've taken was a 6 week beginning pottery class one summer at Berkeley.

  2. thanks for sharing!!! you are very very talented:)

  3. thanks for sharing your artwork. I enjoyed looking at them and reading about them

    you got me laughing about the figure drawing class, brought me back to my figure drawing class memories

  4. Super..I'm so envious! you've got talent!

  5. Wow Michelle! I love the drawings! I can't believe you've never shown them before!


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