Saturday, July 12, 2008

JULY Fabric Swap!

July: Summer Fun.
Anything that makes you think of Summer
Send per person: (1) 12x12" fabric sq. , or (4) 4"x4" assorted squares
1. Sign up deadline: The 15th of every month
2. Post marked Deadline: The absolute end of every month.
3. Return postage must be included.
4. If you are international, you may include stamps in the return postage or a small gift; coveted acrylic stamps, any color velvet scraps or a CD mix of your favorite music to craft with.
5. Please send me your e-mail address AND header of month that you participating.
6. At the end of the due date, those participating will recieve by e-mail,
total head count and my mailing addy.
*right now I have 4 girls signed up. Hope you can play!

1 comment:

Judy said...

What fun! You can count me in on the July fabric swap...I have lots of fabric in my stash to choose from.


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