Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Be-lated Birthday Brian!

~Brian's Birthday was last June, and since then, we have had a whirl wind of activities so I apologize for the late post!
~ Here we are on the June 11th, the actual date of his Birthday at Disneyland, CA. Brian had never ben on the original Submarines so the new Nemo ride was a good treat!

**Feel free to click on a any pic for close up's!***

~ I was able to take some pretty decent pic's while we were under water under sun light...

~ once we entered the caves, it was too dark to use a camera and heaven forbid I blind everyone in the small sub with my flash!

~ Had to stop for Dyllan's favorite ride of course!

~ After wards we met up with Brian's Dad, (AKA) Grandpa Jim over at California Adventure so Dyllan could cool off in "Bug's Land"

~ The following June 16th, we had a BBQ party at the house for most of Brian's Family and Friends. It was fun!

~ Party in the garage!
Carol with Brian

~ Neighbor Ray
~ We requested all the kids to bring something to ride on in our Cul-de-sac.

Yummy Watermelon!

~ Brian's brother, Vance

~ Asked Brian what kind of cake he wanted. He asked for a white cake with cherry filling and chocolate frosting. I figured it was a good chance for me to get new cake pans!
It was yummy, like a black forest cake!

Tyler and Ray~~~~~~Rob and Brian

Vance and Grandpa Jim~~~~ Sister in law, Genny

~ Dyllan helping Daddy blow out his candles...and then snaking some the handful!

Dyllan's cousin Corey....Brian and I

~Getting ready to play....Dyllan's Cousin Corey

~ Brian getting in on the action...Teresa and I

While Brian, myself , Teresa and Rob played board games in the garage, after the party guests had left...Dyllan and Sydney watched movies inside!


katydiddy said...

Sorry we missed it! I won't tell Olivia about Sydney!

RedBessBonney said...

looks like you all had a lovely time! happy belated birthday to Brian!

The Dude said...

Thanks for the post.. Thanks Michelle Love Brian

Debby said...

Your family looks so happy and very loved. Good Job!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like Brian had a fabulous birthday

Anonymous said...

ok woah you guys are having fun ! happy b-day to your hubby!


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