Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Modified "My little Pony's" and Star Wars fun stuff...

I was browsing this Star Wars site for fun and found this place.
The artist, Mari Kasurin modifys "My Little Pony's"!
I especially loved her Start Wars ones and the Edward Scissor hand Pony.

If you like Star Wars as much as I, then you'll love these Lunch Bags!

So on to Browsing the official Star Wars Blog, I found photo's from last years Comic con. Yikes! What a way to get my blood pumping in excitement! You can see the post here.
I'm taking Dyllan to this years Comic Con in San Diego. I'm Sooooo excited! Dyllan is going to be Captain Rex, and I plan on being a Jedi. We are going the last day, Sunday, so if you are going...drop me a line!

Do you see this kite? Don't you just want it? Here, on the Star Wars you can also see other kites like Vader's TIE fighter and a R2D2 inflatable pool drink server that won't be available till next year....

Lastly, I found this site for cake and party idea's since Dyllan's 5th Birthday this year will be...can you guess?..Star Wars /Clone Wars!
Complete with encouraging his friends to come as their favorite character.
~ I'm thinking this year to keep the cake simple, but fun. I'm planning on getting a large sheet cake from Costco and adding either a toy star ship or adding one made from extra cake.
Maybe the swamp scene? Any idea's would be great!

You might be noticing my blog looks a little different. More like a lot. I would like include my art into a blog back ground but don't know how. So for now I made it plain...as much as I liked "cutest blogs on the block"...I'm at the stage where I want my own thing.
If you or someone you know does great blog back grounds, please e-mail me.

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