1 Happy Meal, coming up!

The other day while I was working upstairs in the studio, Dyllan cames in with a mini note pad and a crayon to take my "order".
Using "junk mail" for a menu, I ordered what I knew he had in his play food selection...a hot dog and ice cream.
Here he is with my "Happy Meal"...one fried egg, a butter sandwich and two Star Wars toys!


Corrabelle said...

haha, my youngest likes to "take orders" a lot too:) Cute!

Pam Hoffman said...

Oh, I remember the days when my daughter would come around to me at the laundry mat with a 'special delivery' and ask for my signature.

Boy was she ever surprised when I signed HER HAND! And every time after that, she made sure to have a paper towel for me to sign for my 'special delivery'... you just reminded me of those times.


Pam Hoffman

... Paige said...

What a perfectly happy meal

Kristi B. said...

aaawww....aren't little boys the sweetest? That is so cute that he even included some toys! My little guy likes to bring me pizza. :)

thedeadcentre said...

I love the side order of Yoda and R2. :)


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