Never in a Million years

Last Sunday I cooked up our corned beef and cabbage all day in the crock pot.
It was our stay home and relax in our jammies day and plus I could not wait till Tuesday to eat our St. Patty's day feast!
The head of cabbage was bigger than I anticipated and would not fit in the crock pot with the corned beef and baby carrots.
I managed to get some in but threw the rest in a pot and boiled away.
When it was done cooking, I drained it and was munching away when what should I hear from the living room? "Mmmmm, something sure smells good!" And then Dyllan appeared and saw me eating the cabbage and said, "Can I have some?"
I swear I looked at our 4 1/2 year old son as if he was from mars and muttered a faint "sure"...and then proceeded to serve him some. He loved it! Ate it up and even asked for more!
I did not want to over do it as I had a flash back to when I was young and I took a liking to a few lima beans my Mom put on my plate. I asked for more and the next thing I knew..she was serving them to me at every meal. I lost my "like" for them soon after.
Later that Sunday, I served him up his first corned beef. He liked it but preferred his carrots to be crunchy. The only thing he did not like was how the corned beef got stuck in his teeth!
Last night I cooked up a Italian dinner of french bread, potato gnocchi with a four cheese tomato sauce, ceaser salad and steamed asparagus drizzled with roasted butter.
- Once again, Dyllan amazed me with his new found love of the asparagus (mostly the tips) and sorta liked the gnocchi which I had to tell him they were special "death star" pasta!


Mahala said...

my kids have always loved brussel sprouts.

Anonymous said...

Yay veggies! I was going to say try brussel sprouts next!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

I LOVE fresh off the stalk brussel sprouts! Will definately try this next!

Wanda said...

I loved it when our daughter discover new taste treats no matter what they were.

michelle said...

How cool he is discovering that he likes veggies and grown food. . .

Rosemary said...

That is so great!! Makes it a lot easier for you. Glad he likes to try everything.


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