Random Acts of Kindness

~ Random Acts of Kindness ,also known as RAK's is where people give presents ...just because.
Sometimes we make a theme to go with them as I did for my Birthday RAK.
One of the girls that recieved a mystery gift from me, in turn sent me the above charms as a thank you.
She said they reminded her of this post.

"The Firefly" was sent to me from Tricia Stirling.
And the Fiber art below was made by Pamela Rice.
Both were won through the One World One Heart blog party!
The darling Cupcake print below is by Sheri Leseberg. If you want to see more of her art...please go here!
Last but not least...The Project Blogway Challenge has begun...are you in? or are you out?


Laura Bray said...

I'm loving that cupcake!

billiejo said...

I love seeing so much creativity. I've seen fiber art on TV, but never up close and personal. Someday, I'll just have to break down and try it. LOL!


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