Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rubber Stamp Storage

I've been de-stashing my studio and selling some miscellaneous craft stamps here.
I've still more to list along with other craft supplies. Some you may discover in my shop, some I may rak of here. So don't stray far from my blog or you may miss out on some FAB treasure!

In the photo's here, I wanted to share with you a great (inexpensive) idea for storing craft stamps. I have been using those collapsible containers from IKEA. You get 3 to a pack, in assorted colors and are easy to store when not in use. I take the little ones ( see the red one?) to crops for paper scraps or trash.

I also use pull out drawers with clear front for my themed stamps.

In this tote, I have all my tags and background stamps.

And in this one, I have words and sentiments.

Of course this is not all my stamps! I also use wall spice racks to hold every day stamps and both my Halloween and Christmas stamps have their own container! I will show more stamp storage another time. Thanks for stopping by!


Alison Gibbs said...

Great storage idea Michelle.
You can never have too much storage space

Elizabeth said...

That is A LOT of stamps. I have 2 shoeboxes full that I used when I was teaching, but I am not good at incorporating stamping into my paper crafts. I love the spice rack storage idea.

kawaii crafter said...

I keep my stamps in the same kind of plastic storage containers. Great minds think alike ;-)

Donna said...

I love stamps and can always use a new storage idea, thanks Michelle

MB said...

WOW! And all this time I thought you hand drew all your drawings and pictures!!! LOL ;o)
I remember your letters...I know you draw very well my dear! xoxox


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