Friday, April 17, 2009

Please join our 4th Charm Swap!

Please join us for a spring charm swap!
This will the 4th swap I host and all have been a joy!
The theme this year, is "Thing with Wings"
Below, you can see a charm made by Sheri Leseberg, from one of our earlier swaps.

Sign up's start now and end when we reach 25 participants.
All charms need to be in my hands no later than June 20th.
To be included in this sought after swap, you must do the following:
Post here and then e-mail me your name, mailing info and birthdate (optional)
Check out the link provided for idea's and start creating!
I will update this post with a list of participants as they sign up
Please include $5 cash or a priority postage stamp.
(Local's don't have to pay for shipping)
~ Each participant will receive 2 extra charms from me, if their charms arrive on time!
Your charms can be all the same or different, it's up to you!
There is no size limit as many will not put these on a bracelet, but instead make wall art, necklaces, and other adornments!
You can get idea's from my past swaps of what materials can be used~ shrink plastic, wire, bottle caps, glass, recycled, felt,soldered, fabric, even buttons!
The only requirement I have it to make something that you would like to receive.
Please take time with your charms, ensuring their quality.
Jump rings are not may make your own ring, or even attach a lobster claw.
*(Be sure to include a tag or business card containing contact info with each charm you make)*
Please check out the following links for past swap inspiration!
Spring Charm Swap 2007
Spring Charm Swap 2008
Fall and Halloween Charm Swap 2008
and for some more fabulous inspiration, you must go here!
Once I receive your info, I will respond with my mailing address.
International is welcome but must be on time on with the shipping please!
Last but not least, do to such a "huge" response to my pin cushion rak, I chose 3 winners!
Congratulations to the following.... Connie, Claudean, & Sue.
Things with Wings~ Charm swap

1. Michelle (that's me!)
2. Sheri Leseberg
3. Sue Kruse
4. Mahala Elliot
5. Melinda (WCC )
6. Anne Kenney ( WCC )
7. Cher Hilly
8. Pam Hoffman (Wcc& Fiskateer)
9. Valerie Myers (Fiskateer)
10. Bianca Gaspard (Fiskateer)
11. Jessica Mount
12. Wendy Robrecht
13. Wanda Clark
14. Janet Snyder
15. Stacy Cakes
16. Holly Johnson (Fiskateer)
17. Lisa Livingston (Fiskateer)
18. Michelle Salazar (Fiskateer)
19. Veronica Noechel
20. Laura Bray (Wcc & Fiskateer)
21. Sherry Edwards
22. Laura Casey (Fiskateer)
23. Ruth Aubertine (Fiskateer)
24. Tracy Webster
25. Britta Waag
Charm swap is now "Closed" and in Creating mode!
Please check back at the end of June for results from this swap!


Cottage Way of Life said...

First ... Include me in the charm swap, I'd love to do that.

And second ... WOW! I cannot believe I won one of your terrific pin cushions, that's so exciting!!! I love pin cushions and have a huge jar filled with vintage tomato pin cushions so yours will be very much at home with the rest of the "gang" :-)

Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

aw.... i thought i was first! :) sign me up... i had fun last time around.

craftyhala said...

I'll join in.
I am a swap-a-holic. Is there a meeting group for that yet?

Sculptress said...

I've never done a charm swap before and I'd love to join in the fun.


katydiddy said...

I'm seriously considering playing this time around. I'll let you know on Sunday!

Cher said...

Hi...I would love to be in the charm swap! Ty for the invite...Also...I luv your work, your blog and all the bloggers you reference...amazing artists you all are..Please include me...then let me know how to get a nest lol..tooooooo cute! and I am so in luv with birds right now! Adorable! Cher

Pam Hoffman said...

I'll participate in the charm swap this time too!

Thank you for posting the information.

Pam Hoffman

valarty said...

Please sign me up for your charm swap, I enjoyed it so much last year and at Halloween. Valerie Myers

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

Michelle, I would love to join this swap. I have been wanting to join a charm swap for awhile and the theme is perfect for me. Thank you for offering this up.

Bianca Gaspard #1794

Jess :) said...

I have never done a charm swap like this before, but please sign me up!

Wanda said...


I just emailed you to sign up and to sign my sister up, too. :) I hope we made it. :) It looks really neat.


Holly said...

I would like to try this! I am a brand new Fiskateer and have never been in a swap, SO excited!!

stacycakes said...

i would love to be a part of this swap,count me in!!! thanks,stacy xox

michelle said...

Okay i keep going yes not yes no yes no. . . so if I just say yes then I cannot do no. It looks like fun and maybe I am suppose to jump in and try something new.

Scrappy Rat said...

I would love to be included in the charm swap. I'll email you shortly!

Sherry said...

Thank you for the invite, I'd love to take part in your Charm Swap. I will Flickrmail you my details.

Anonymous said...

This is very different, would love to join in. Thanks.
Fiskateer #4667

Tracy said...

I would love to! Thanks for emailing me!

Janet #2689 said...

I would love to join the charm swap Janet Fiskateer #2689

enjoy said...

Thanks for your invitation at Flickr, please sign me up for your charm swap. I live in Germany and i´m not sure if 5 Dollar is enaugh for shipping. Is it possible to transfer the money via paypal?

craftyhala said...

does it have to be a bird? or can it be an insect with wings?

needlewings said...

I am always late at finding out about things. Let me know when you have another swap. In the mean time you can sign up on my blog for my 100 th posting (about 3 blogs back )give away which will be June 14th.


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