31 Days of Halloween - Pumpkin ideas

Here are some idea's I've found through pintrest that I thought you might find inspiring this month!

 Fanged Pumpkins. 
Simply cut a section out of a mini pumpkin, add plastic vampire teeth and two brads for eyes.

 Black Pumpkin.  Spray paint a pumpkin a flat black color for spooky sophistication. Better yet...how about chalkboard paint?
 Treat Holder. Cut a paper mache pumpkin in half, coat in spray glue and glitter for a nice treat holder.
 Canning lid Pumpkin. Gather leftover canning lids and make a centerpiece for Halloween or Fall.
 Ornate Pumpkins.
 Modge Podge, decorative tissue or napkins and pumpkins. So easy!

 Acorn Pumpkins.    Let the kids paint and decorate their own palm sized decorations.
 Creepy Crawlies.   
Scoop out the center for a tea light. Poke holes around the top and insert black pipe cleaners.
 Magic Pumpkin.
paint a pumpkin black with tempura  and then use a sharpened skewer to scratch off your design.
 Romantic Pumpkin.
Simply place a pumpkin on a circle of decorative Lacey tulle, Pull up around pumpkin, pull tight and secure at the stem with black satin ribbon.

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