How to make a Spider Egg Sac for Halloween!

 Every Year for Halloween, I always put up my traditional spider web. As you can see, I've gotten quite good at stretching the cotton web! Of course it helps to have stucco to act as anchors for the clingy material. :)

I have always wanted to make one of these spider sac's. I hung it in the corner above the door and placed some large, extra creepy spiders above it. 
 To get started you'll need the following:
  1. Cotton batting.
  2. Cheese cloth.
  3. Some leftover webbing.
  4. Small plastic spiders.

Decide how big or small you want your "sac" to be. Open up your cheese cloth and place you batting inside. Form the batting to be a 'water balloon' shape. Pull up the cheese cloth over the batting. I secured the top with some leftover cheesecloth. 
Place a few spiders onto the outside of your 'sac'. Don't worry for glue as the legs of the spiders secure well enough into the cheesecloth.
 Open up your web and place the sac in the middle. Draw up the web as shown below, as if it is 'dripping'. Place the rest of your spiders all over the outside of the sac, their legs will snag easily into the web.
Hang as desired.
 Now as you know, a bag of web you buy often comes with at the most, 2 spiders, right? That just won't do. :) Pick up a bag of black spider rings and snip off the ring part with your scissors.
 Now you have plenty of spiders to decorate your webs. Just snag their legs into the stretched web and they will stay put  fine.
 If you have a arch like I do, you can create a even better and spookier effect. Take some clear fishing nylon and some of your 'altered' spiders. Measure at least 2 arms length of the nylon. Tie a spider to each end so the spider will hang down...not side ways.
 Carefully thread one of the spiders into the web, carry it up & over about 6", then bring it back down  through the web. Pull the nylon so the spiders height 'staggers' a bit. This will freak out visitors and trick or treaters as they come knocking! The spiders will tickle their hair and faces! :)
Thanks for coming by! Don't forget to come back this Saturday for some Halloween SteamPunk fun! :)

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