Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Haunted Halloween Houses for less than $10!

 Here's a great craft you can do for less than $10! The above houses can be found at your local Dollar Tree store for $1 each. You'll find that the paint detail on them is really is really sloppy, don't worry about that...just make sure there are no chips or cracks on them before you buy them.  Then head over to your favorite place to buy spray paint. I buy mine from Walmart. Pick up a can of "Flat Black" Krylon, indoor/ outdoor paint. Spray paint your houses outside. Make sure to place them on newspaper, maybe in a box.  Let dry completely before handling or your fingers will leave impressions.

 Then display with your favorite decorations. Here, I made them part of my Haunted Mansion collection.

I gave one to my friend Jaime and she put it in her Faerie Garden!
You can see the rest of her "Haunted" Faerie Garden here.
See you tomorrow for some amazing Spider Web effects!

1 comment:

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Love this idea. So very, very easy. Thanks for the idea Michelle.


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