April 19, 2013

Spring Blooms while the Bird Sings.

 Sometimes the best inspiration for card making can be found while walking around outside!
I love how the neighborhood trees are already showing the most delicate pink flowers and the birds are happily singing!
  I created this card using the following Robins Nest supplies:
Pink Sorbet Glitter
Aquamarine Sorbet Glitter
Mini Gold Dew Drops
Coppery tissue paper
A decorative bird paper napkin, a gold leafing pen, precision scissors,
 a mini flower punch and tombo glue.

 Cut strips of tissue paper and then start to roll it up length wise.
 It helps if you can moisten the paper as you roll.
  Twist the ends and crumple some for a realistic branch-like appearance.
 Once you have made the branches you need to fit your card, use some extra tissue to wrap the cluster of branches. (As shown above)

 Glue your wrapped branches to your card. Add more rolled tissue bits for little branches.
 Carefully trim your bird from the paper napkin and glue onto the card.
 Punch your flowers from the pink and aquamarine paper.
Trim some of the aquamarine flowers to become little leaves.

  Layer the flowers as shown. Form the top flower by bending the petals upwards.
Add some of the Mini Gold Dew Drops to the center of each flower and to the corners of the card after gilding the cards edges with the gold leaf pen.

Thanks for coming by and Happy Spring!


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