April 5, 2013

Spring Flowers- Hair Clips!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with "Spring" cleaning to prepare for a community garage sale this weekend.  That is why you have not seen much activity on this blog and I am so sorry!
To make it up to you, I'm showing you a project I posted April of 2012.
 I hope it will get you in the mood for Spring!

Spring Flower Hair Clips!
You will need the following:

  • Large silk flowers, ( I found these at my local craft store on sale for 40% off).
  • Assorted colors of sewing thread, thimble and a strong needle..
  • Buttons.
  • Small felt flowers, I used this Sizzix flower die.
  • Alligator hair clips and a few ponytail holders.
  • Extra circles of felt and tulle.
  • Crayons (trust me on this).
  • Assorted colors of stickles or your favorite glitter glue with a fine tip. 
  • Beacon Fabric-Tac 
  Begin by removing your flower from it's wire stem. Then remove the center (yellow part), the bottom (green part) and the middle plastic, (pink part).

  Hold your flower together and stitch your felt flower onto the center.

Then add your button. Use a thimble to push your needle through the petals if the layers are too thick.

Using your Fabric glue, adhere a circle of felt to the bottom of the flower. Then place another circle of felt inside the hair clip as shown.Add glue to the felt and place the hair clip.

 Open the clip and firmly press down the felt to fuse with the glue. Hold for about 10 seconds.
  Then use a crayon to prop open the hair clip so it does not accidentally glue shut while the felt is setting.


 Complete your flowers with as much or as little of glitter glue as desired. 
Then let dry completely before wearing


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