Deflecto Storage Solutions for Crafting and Kitchen Needs!

Hi Everyone!
 Deflecto has once again proven that their office supplies are craft worthy!
I'm simply loving this  Carousel Organizer!

I'm using it for my most used buttons and trim. I love how I can clearly see what I have and how much! Plus the lids act as a convenient tray to hold what I need as I add to a page, card or home decor.

 The carousel rotates nicely and takes up very little room on a craft table or shelf..

You can even add more containers and stack as high as needed!

Another fantastic find from Deflecto is this mountable Grab-A-Card business card holder!
I placed a few strong magnets onto the back of the acrylic housing and put on my fridge for all to see.
This will come in handy next time my husband calls from home asking where some of my business cards are to share with a friend.

 Deflecto storage containers are not just for the craft room, but can also be used in the kitchen too!
Here I used a 4-drawer Stackable Cube to hold loose and miscellaneous spices.
Most of these spices are ones that I buy sparingly because they are extra special or have been given to me from fellow cooks.

The top shelf  holds whole cinnamon sticks and dried chilies from a friends garden.

 Here's another Deflecto Stackable Cube but with X Dividers.
I have it storing my favorite alcohol inks.
You can purchase these cubes in clear and black.

Thanks for coming by!
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