September 7, 2014

Home Decor -A Pink and Black Classy Wreath!

Welcome to a special Designer Crafts special Home Decor challenge!
We are featuring three wonderful products today.  
Kunin Felt, Beacon Adhesives (Fabri-Tac and Felt Glue) and Buttons Galore & More. 

I hope you will enjoy my project and leave happily inspired!
Pink and Black Classy Wreath
 Supplies Used:
 Beacon Fabric-Tac and Felt Glue
Shocking Pink Zebra Fanci Felt
Black Classic Felt
Pink and Black buttons from Buttons Galore and More
Twig wreath
White spray paint
Gold floral wire
Needle nose pliers
Bamboo skewer
Paper clips
3D flowers die

 Begin by spray painting just one side of your twig wreath with white spray paint, outside.
 I used a old box to contain most of the spray.
 While the wreath is drying, run the Pink Zebra felt through your cutting machine with the flower die.
Make as many flowers as desired.
 If you do not have the 3D flower die, you can cut circles from the felt, then cut them into spirals.
Place some Felt Glue onto the outer end of the spiral and use that as your starting point to twist inwards until you get to the center.
 Attach center with  Felt Glue to the bottom of the flower.
 Press firmly for about 30 seconds, then leave the flowers to set for at least 1 hour.
This glue is non toxic and drys clear.

 To make the leaves: you will need to cut leaf shapes from the Black Classic Felt.
Add some  Felt Glue as shown up and pinch close.
Secure leaves with  paper clips until the glue has set.
Then using the  Fabric-Tac in a well ventilated area, adhere leaves randomly to the wreath.

 For the buttons flowers:
Pair hot pink smaller buttons with larger black buttons.
Cut 6" of the gold wire. Fold the wire in a uneven half.
Thread through both buttons and twist to secure.

 Use your pliers to turn the shorter piece of the wire into a little spiral.
Wrap the remaining wire onto a bamboo skewer then slide off.
Make as many as you wish and adhere to the wreath with Fabric-Tac.

 Here is a easy way to make ribbon from felt!
Start cutting along the side of your felt and when you are near the top, stop and turn the square then keep cutting.
Do this carefully around and around until you have reached the center.

 Here is a continuous pile of versatile black felt ribbon!
Figure out where on your wreath you want to hang your protect.
Attach one end of the ribbon with a tight knot and a little bit of a tail.
Then gather the rest into a manageable ball and wrap around your wreath, twisting the ribbon as you work to give it some personalty.
When you get back to the top, tie onto the starting tail to complete your hanger.
Make some extra curls made from the wire and bamboo skewer.
 Attach these to the twig part of the wreath.

 Now you have a beautiful wreath to display!

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