September 1, 2014

How I Preserve my Summer Memories

The theme this month for the Designer Crafts Connection group is "How I preserve my Memories".
So I am showing you how I have been preserving our Summer Memories.
It all starts with this keepsake box I made. I keep it on a book case in our kitchen. Its the perfect holder for mementos and daily souvenirs.
I keep some glue and journal cards in the box and once a week I sit down and put everything into one of those Smash Books by K&C Company. The summer memory book is 12x13. Pretty big! Comes with all sorts of colorful pages and pockets.

The next 3 'woodsy' pages I decorated so they would be ready for the last summer road trip before School starts. You can see how I made these pages here.

Other pages are filled with the favorite foods and new things we have eaten this summer....

Places we have visited....

Of course we have Lego land passes, so I dedicated a few pages just for that.

4th of July and summer BBQ's....

Then there was the Demolition Derby at the County Fair. Super fun!

You may have noticed that there are no photos yet.
That is a project all in its self. I plan to add those"memories" after School has started. (Sept. 4th).
Thanks for coming by, have a great day!


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