How to use Mod Podge Ultra Spray with Sea Glass

Hello everyone! 
I'm participating in a blog hop for Plaid® using a brand new product called 
I used it to create this sea glass wall art.

For this project, you will need the following:

  1. Mod Podge Ultra - Matte
  2. Assorted sizes of white sea glass, plus one blue piece for the 'eye'. 
  3. A sketch of your sea horse plus a frame with glass to fit.
  4. Parchment paper (to protect your work surface).
  5. 4 drink bottle caps
  6. Fine iridescent glitter
  7. White washi tape
  8. Twine for hanging.
  9. Wet and dry paper towels


  • Place the sea horse sketch on your parchment paper and carefully lay the clean glass on top.
  • Shake the Mod Podge Ultra for about 30 seconds and prime it by spritzing onto a paper towel.
  • Then spray onto the glass, covering the design.

  • Start placing your sea glass pieces onto the glass. The Mod Podge Ultra is slow drying, so you can easily re position the sea glass if needed. I used a toothpick to move pieces around, but if any got on my fingers I simply wiped it off with the wet paper towel.

  • Use the spray minimally, you don't need to 'drench' the glass. Just keep it moist enough for the sea glass to sit. When you have finished filling in the sea horse, sprinkle your glitter around the design. 

  • The Mod Podge Ultra also acts as a sealer, so when you are done, give your project a once over with the spray. 
  • *(After you are done with your Mod Podge Ultra, make sure you keep the nozzle clean so it remains unclogged for your next project. To do this, unscrew the nozzle and under warm running water, spritz until the tube run clear. Then spray until dry and screw back onto the bottle. Be sure to wipe the inside of the cap as well.)
  • Place the glass frame onto the 4 bottle caps to dry 4 hours or more.

  • Before placing back in the frame, add some washi tape around the border of the glass. This will hide the frame back tabs and give it some 'cushion' so it stays put.
  • Tie some twine around the frame before adding the glass. The glass will hold the twine in place so you can easily hang your sea glass wall art!

Here is another variation I did using a variety of colored sea glass and a tiny sea star. 
What I love about the Mod Podge Ultra matte, is that it goes on clear but dries frosted - keeping the integrity of the sea glass that I've collected on my countless beach walks! 
Plus I love how it makes the glass around the wave seem 'etched'.
So cool!

* * * 

Join in on the fun and see what other some other designers have created using Mod Podge Ultra!
 Visit the blog hop here! 


Janet Trieschman said...

wow - just wow! I would have never thought to use Ultra Mod Podge for this project I am converted.

Donna said...

Michelle I fell out of my chair! Amazing work! I LOVE it! Just fabulous!!!!!

tuneintotrish.com said...

this is absolutely beautiful!! I think my mouth fell open when I first saw your project. Awesome Job!

Kassy's Parlour said...

Wow! So cool. Such a great idea!

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Love your sea glass mosaic art. And, it's amazing that the spray holds them in place.

Lynda Kanase said...

So clever! Love how this turned out. Nice inspiration!


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