Thursday, December 20, 2007

It all started with the eggnog

~ This is sister Lorena. She died last year of Ovarian Cancer. She was a mother of 4 kids, 2 girls, 2 boys. Her life had alot of turmoil in it from her husband to her health to just life in general. It's a really long story and makes me extra sad to think about it.

About 3 weeks ago, I started to really feel down. Home stuff, holiday pressures, and crafters block. Out of the blue I started to think of Lorena and really began to miss her. I think I was finally starting to grieve for her. I started hearing her voice in my head with her smile and New Jersey accent telling me that I was going to be famous someday with my art. She really "believed" in me. I don't get alot of confirmation on my art. People tend to take my art for granted and pretty much consider it as a hobby but of no real value. Lorena was a artist too and that's why she understood me.

In the course of totally missing her and feeling sad and lonely, strange things started to happen. And it only happened when I was in the heart of thinking of her, hearing her and crying for her.

I was in the kitchen and had just poured myself a mug of egg nog. As I was taking a quick sip, Dyllan came in to show me "something" in the living room. I quickly put the egg nog in the microwave and pressed the 1 minute button. When I came back from Dyllan's little show and tell, the mug of egg nog was on the counter. And hot.

Another time, as I was snuggeling with Dyllan in part to get him to fall asleep for nap time and for me to get a few winks, I clearly heard the sound of one of our kitchen table chairs move. We have wooden chairs and tile floor. And the sound was very distinctive.

In the kitchen, I have a large craft size roll of white butcher paper. I use it for crafting , baking, everything. It stands on end next to the fireplace and near the kitchen table. If it falls over, it makes a whumph sound.
~One day while Dyllan was napping and I was at the computer in the studio, I heard that familiar whumph. I went downstairs to find that it had not fallen at all.

Our upstairs hallway is extra creaky lately and I've been hearing sounds when no one is there. I've also been seeing moving shadows and at one point during the day, I was scared to go into the dark master bedroom.

I'm a sensitive. And in the winter months my ability gets stronger. I believe Lorena has come to me for two reasons; to reassure me of my artistic talent and to ask me to find and be family to her kids.

As for the other weird stuff, I think it's a "Seasonal" haunting and will pass after the new year.

So I hope all you wonderful blogging friends will forgive me in not visiting you daily as I usually do. I've had a lot on my mind lately.

I'll see you soon!
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