Monday, December 17, 2007


Since 3 this morning, when Dyllan woke me up, I knew today was going to be "a day". Gone were my plans for a early morning oil change and a leisurely shopping at the Hilo Hati store at the block of Orange. This has all been postponed till wed.
~ Dyllan in all his cuteness has been a absolute terror all morning. And I need someone to either shoot me or give me a sanity pill. I'm so super grumpy, tired, and still have not finished my 1st cup of coffee! Earlier, it got just too quiet. I found him downstairs in the bathroom washing his hands. Water and foamy soap every where.
He's in the stroller now, strapped in as the final straw. It's a little quiet now...let me check...
Darn! As quiet as he was, he was not sleeping!

I've got a last minute craft to finish up downstairs, maybe I'll put a show on for him to watch while I work. Is it nap time yet? I'll put him down about 1:30pm and maybe I can take a "cat nap" too!

Thanks for letting me rant~Michelle


Rosemary said...

So sorry Michelle.
I hope you both get a nap in today.

Lee W. said...

sorry about your day- I can relate! All of us moms have those days!

Alison Gibbs said...

Rant away as much as you like Michelle. We all understand.


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