December 24, 2007

All done wrapping!

Hello, hello!
~I'm all done wrapping! I stashed the gifts in a tall laundry hamper in the garage so Dyllan won't see them. We are headed to my Mom's in Borrego for Christmas and I fear we have more gifts than luggage! I guess that's what "black" trash bags are for. ;)
I was also all 'set' to do some more baking, but decided to save it for when we get back. Anyways it's more fun to decorate the cookies with Dyllan at our own pace.
Speaking of fun, Dyllan had a blast delivering cookies and little gifts with me to the neighbors! He always said, "Merry Christmas!" , but his "Happy Holiday", usually sounded like "Have a Holiday"
Below, you'll find the cottage I made for Kim over at Running on Ink.
~ Please visit her site to see what she sent me! The pic's I took came out fuzzy!

So here's my cottage. I really challenged myself and made her a "scrapbox" cottage!
I glued glitterized coffee stirrers from starbucks on the cottage for a fence, and added icicles to the roof.

The inside has inspirational stamped words, distressed pages for photos and a pretty glitterized ornament!

I really like how this turned out and am already dreaming up new ones for my shop and for swaps!


  1. I talked to Kim and she LOVES her house that you made her. I think it is super creative and beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the cottage! What a unique idea for the swap.

  3. Thanks for the info on bubble lights! I have your bird necklace done, and will get it and Dyllan's gift to you in the next couple of weeks. Have a great Christmas!

  4. I gasped(in a good way), when I scrolled down and saw the cottage was one of those exploding boxes. what a cute idea, and all that detail, adorable


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