Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mermaid, Childhood Atc's and Bird Inchies

~ There is just something so delightful about miniature works of art like ATC's and Inchie's!

I made the Mermaid ATC's for a swap through the Fiskateers.
I love anything to do with Mermaids!

~ These are also for the Fiskateers in a swap called childhood memories. One of the fondest memories in my childhood is cutting out paper dolls!

~ I always make one for me to keep!

~ Joanne Wardle hosted a Bird Inchie swap. Fun to do and the notepad was a gift for her to keep.

~ See the rest of the incredible Bird Inchies here!
The theme for April is "Children". Interested?
Go here for more details!
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