Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Be-lated Birthday Brian!

~Brian's Birthday was last June, and since then, we have had a whirl wind of activities so I apologize for the late post!
~ Here we are on the June 11th, the actual date of his Birthday at Disneyland, CA. Brian had never ben on the original Submarines so the new Nemo ride was a good treat!

**Feel free to click on a any pic for close up's!***

~ I was able to take some pretty decent pic's while we were under water under sun light...

~ once we entered the caves, it was too dark to use a camera and heaven forbid I blind everyone in the small sub with my flash!

~ Had to stop for Dyllan's favorite ride of course!

~ After wards we met up with Brian's Dad, (AKA) Grandpa Jim over at California Adventure so Dyllan could cool off in "Bug's Land"

~ The following June 16th, we had a BBQ party at the house for most of Brian's Family and Friends. It was fun!

~ Party in the garage!
Carol with Brian

~ Neighbor Ray
~ We requested all the kids to bring something to ride on in our Cul-de-sac.

Yummy Watermelon!

~ Brian's brother, Vance

~ Asked Brian what kind of cake he wanted. He asked for a white cake with cherry filling and chocolate frosting. I figured it was a good chance for me to get new cake pans!
It was yummy, like a black forest cake!

Tyler and Ray~~~~~~Rob and Brian

Vance and Grandpa Jim~~~~ Sister in law, Genny

~ Dyllan helping Daddy blow out his candles...and then snaking some the handful!

Dyllan's cousin Corey....Brian and I

~Getting ready to play....Dyllan's Cousin Corey

~ Brian getting in on the action...Teresa and I

While Brian, myself , Teresa and Rob played board games in the garage, after the party guests had left...Dyllan and Sydney watched movies inside!
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