Sunday, July 6, 2008

July Give Away

~ Have you ever found your self in a situation where you could not go forward and had to patiently wait it out with no one but your self for company? That's how it was for me.
I got stuck on the 4th level of a parking structure at closing time for a popular outdoor mall.
I crept inch by inch, level by level for 45minutes. During that time I had time to collect my thoughts, which to be by myself in any car is rare, but it was my night out.
I thought about some new birds nest wire wrapped charms I'm working on, and how excited I was at the prospect of making some new things to go with them!
Thought of the tye dye shirt I was wearing, and how next time
I'll wear gloves before I take out the rubber bands and my then my hands won't turn
ompa loompa blue~( they are fine now with the wonder of swimming in a pool!)
I thought about how far I've come and how much of undiscovered art and crafts land there is for me to explore and create.
~ Other places that I collect my thoughts:
are watering in the garden,
in the shower,
going on a nature walk with Dyllan,
flipping through books at the book store,
meeting with like minded friends,
shopping by myself,
sorting my stash.
This months giveaway is a randomly made altered art journal similar to the one above but not the same!
It will be made of scraps of paper, fabric, wire and even clip art.
It may have lines and blank pages for you to jot down your most random thoughts and inspirations.
Maybe a pocket or two to store a secret.
I will pick a name out of a hat after July 31st.
Please make sure you are reachable in the case you win.
Also post here or on your own blog where you cultivate your inspirations!
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