Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is why I got a Honda CRV.

Years ago before Dyllan was born, I bought my first "New" car. This one. A Honda CRV. I wanted something to take off roading and to be able to put bikes in the back. Looks like I got my wish...

There's a natural park near my house where we go for nature walks and now bike rides. The pavement is wide enough for Dyllan who's still learning to ride with his (noisy) training wheels.

Here we are taking a snack break.

At the end of the wide pavement is a more narrow bumpy trailed shared by hikers, runners and mountain bikers. The trail leads all the way to the ocean.

What a fun day. The view was beautiful and the "Whoo-hoo!" sounds of Dyllan coasting back down the road was music to my ears.
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