Saturday, October 26, 2013

Leslie Rahye's 3rd Annual Very Spooky Halloween SteamPunk Blog Hop!

 Hi Everyone!
     Welcome to another SteamPunk blog hop hosted by Leslie Rahye!
I love SteamPunk and I love Halloween so this was perfect for me!
I hope you love it too!
To make the above pendant, you will need:
A small rubber skull toy from the party store.
This came in a grab bag of spiders, snakes and other freaky things.

Krylon Silver Metallic spray paint.
Silver Metallic Powder by Alumilite.
A baby wipe, white pigment ink.
, Black Classic Glittered cardstock  and Goldenberry Dew Drops from The Robins Nest.
The trio of gears from Sin City Stamps- SteamPunked Christmas set.
Krylon Silver Pen,  assorted key, crown and gears trinkets.
Wire, small stiff bristle paint brush, ribbon, scissors, a tooth pick and E-6000 glue.

First thing you want to do is trim off the back of the rubber skull with scissors. You want the skull to sit flat. Take the skull outside and on some newspapers, spray with the metallic paint. You will need to spray it twice, letting it dry in between coats.
Once it is mostly dry but still a tad sticky, bring it inside and dust it with some of the metallic powder. I used a old dry paint brush with stiff bristles. Softer bristles would have stuck to the skull.
Lightly dab at the skull with a baby wipe till its looks burnished.
Leave the skull to rest while you ink up your gears and stamp at least 3 times onto the glittered paper. Trim out the best looking of the three stamped images.
Lightly dab your silver pen onto the trinkets, just enough silver but not too much because you want the skull to stand out.  Decide how you want to arrange the key and gears, then glue in place with the E-6000.  Use the glue to add this assemblage onto the stamped gears. Then add your skull with crown.  If you have ever worked E6000, you'll know that it does not go exactly where you wish, lingers and leaves sticky trails.  Just cover those areas with the dew drops. Problem solved!

Let glue set completely before adding the wire and trim.
Then hang as decoration or wear for all to see.
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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