Monday, March 1, 2010

Air, Fire, Water , Earth & Energy BEFORE

The Five Elements.
This is the start of a new on-going project that I'll be partaking in and posting on a regular basis.
I was inspired by a blog project called "Erosion Bundles"

Having only just discovered this fascinating and exciting idea, I'm starting a little late, but as I said...this will be a on-going project...always in the works.
The premise is to gather items, bundle them up and then put them in your garden space somewhere, then leave them be until it's time to bring them in to create with.
Nature will indeed have it's way with them and I (hope) expect some rust, bleeding, fading, nibbles, and maybe some mold (I'm sure). The insides I put the items most likely to bleed, wrapped in cheese cloth then in tea dyed Muslim. I saved the things to 'rust' for the outside.
The red bundle excites me in anticipation of what will be revealed in the end.
I am already in the mood for Fall when selecting my Orange items....
I'm hoping for much rust... :)
The bells attached on the ends are from our Wedding.
Instead of rice to throw we had everyone ring bells.
I felt adding the bells to the bundles signified a new journey of things yet to come.
I hung the orange bundle in a red Hibiscus tree.
I felt it would delight the Faeries that visit there often.

The black and white bundle was hidden, (but not buried) behind my Faeire Garden pot.
You can see it better when I pull back the plants.
Lastly the red, I wanted it to see and be seen.
And because I added so much color (to bleed) I wanted it to be exposed to all elements.
So I hung it from the main focal point of my garden.

But I was concerned that my bird friends might "poop" on it so I made some wire mesh spikes on top.
over the bundle and no where else.
I will take photo's of my bundles at the end of each month for 5 months to represent the 5 elements of Earth.
I will then open my bundles at the end of July and see what nature has altered for me to create with.
If you would like to join in on this evolving project...please do!
I'd be happy to link you on my blog after you've started!


Kris Henderson said...

Your bundles are gorgeous and look so perfect in nature :)
Glad you joined the project.

stampkjs said...

Please post a pic of these on the Fiskars blog sit too just in case I miss the day on your blog when you do the unveiling.


Cottage Way of Life said...

I really like the idea of this project a lot. Can't wait to see what nature does to your bundles, should be very interesting!

Linda said...

Good Morning, I check back often to see what great projects you've created. Keep up the good work.


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