Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aprils Fools is right around the corner....

I was reminded by Amy of Mod Podge Rocks that April 1st is almost here!
So I revisited a post that I did on peas and carrots last year.
It was my first try on fake candy food and if you want to the know how I made the above peas and carrots...please go here!

I have browsed the web in search of new idea's and have found
this perfect site....hmmm...what shall I make?
What will you make?
I know I'll for sure try this trick on Dyllan in the morning before school... :)

Magic Milk Bowl:
To set up the trick, squeeze several drops of liquid food coloring over the bottom of a bowl, then pour in dry cereal to conceal the droplets. When a family member sits down to his cereal and adds some milk, he'll think he's entered a Technicolor twilight zone.

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