My new Scrapbooking World Record!

Saturday I attended a crop in Orange. It's a all day event 9am-9pm that I like to go to every month.

Here I am scrapping with some girls in my scrapbook group, Diana, Pam and Teresa.
I'm not one to do a lot of layouts, It usually takes me a hour to do a two page spread with all the details and embellishments I make. So I have Calendars (5 of them) that were meant to be x-mas gifts to family members...but January was chock full of the scrapbook expo and CHA, then February was another crazy month and here I am in March, just getting my wind back! So Saturday I completed 30 Layouts/ 6 months x5 calendars...and only 3 months to go.

My friend Teresa (on the right) gave me the superb idea to start the calendars at April 2010 and wrap it around to January starting 2011. That way I'll have crafting lee-way time for next years calendars! (or calendar like project...not sure if I'm going to go the 12x12 size again!)

The winner of polka dot orange is...Chignon! Congratulations!

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