Etsy Spotlight - Enid of Pre N Das!

This month's Etsy Spotlight features Enid of Pre N Das!

Hi, my name is Enid and I live in Puerto Rico,
a beautiful island in the Caribbean you should visit sometime!

I am married and a mother of three beautiful girls, which are my inspiration.
I have been crafting since I was young, but really got serious after my third child was born.
I just love crafts!
I make jewelry, and I’m incorporating up-cycled and recycled items into my pieces.

I have this idea that everything deserves a second chance, so I try to reuse everything.

I also enjoy making envelopes from old magazines,and creating fabric flowers into hair accessories or brooches.
My other crafts include: sewing, painting with acrylics, and reading!
I always have a book under my pillow just in case.
In the morning I read blogs and my top five are…

( love to see how others create and do new things)

(this I watch every day for updates)

(I love her art, and she has a very neat and beautiful blog)

(because I want to learn how to become an Eco-friendly person one day at a time)

(this is my new favorite blog from a friend of mine)

*** To be entered to win this gorgeous necklace (pictured) please visit Enid's Shop here...browse around and then come back here and post your favorite piece or two.
You will also need to post your e-mail (in case you win) or make sure I have some way to reach you.
Enid also has a beautiful blog for you to visit...and you can translate it here.

Winner has been chosen and notified from last months Etsy Spotlight.

Good luck!

If you are interested in being featured in my Etsy spotlight, here are the basics:

1. Your shop must be current
2. Once accepted, you'll featured on a 3rd Friday of a month,
and will be visible on my blog for the whole time.
3. You'll need to mail me 2 good quality shop samples
4. I will handle the shipping of the "won" item to your winner.
5. In the case I don't have a seller to spotlight,
the current seller will have a extra month.

Interested? Have questions? E-mail me!
International Welcome!


Tarnished Rose said...

I love the Purple Flower Duet in a Bobby Pin Hair Accessory. I'm in love with purple right now!


Monica said...

It's hard to pick just one thing for Enid's shop! I love that she uses eco-friendly products to wrap packages and that she sells eco friendly envelopes! From her jewelry I love the earrings in Crystals with Black Glow in The Dark!


heidil said...

great job my friend!

heidil said...

I love the chain necklaces pretty in pink. The colors with that one are just great!

Sabbio said...

I'm totally in love with these pins


and this necklace




rainbow_owl_ears said...

Hi I so love the blue fossil bracelet here http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39057397
amazing colour!
im on rainbow_owl_ears@yahoo.co.uk
mucho love x

my little Aura said...

I love Enid's shop. She is so talented!!!
The Purple Flower Duet in a Bobby Pin are so adorable


crystal said...

I think that the The Big Nest Necklace - Eleven Babies is cute and unique!
cyclona66(at) aol dot com

Tkat said...

your necklaces are gorgeous!!! my favourites are your mini collection "CADENAS". very beautiful! :)

thanks for the chance at winning this necklace. you can contact me at my blog: http://www.scrap-n-patch.blogspot.com

just leave a comment...and i'll get back to you. thanks! :)

Kelly Sas said...

I LOVE the Chain Necklace with the Eiffel Tower, but also really like the Classic Pearl Earrings also. It is hard to pick even just 2 items. She does wonderful work! Thanks for showcasing her.


Natalia said...

Gorgeous necklace, thanks for the chance :) My favorite item is the The Long Heart Necklace.

jdavissquared said...

oooo, i like the brown czech ball necklace. the one in the give away is gorgeous too!

I found you on etsy forums, please come visit me too!

{also, I'm having a give away that ends today! come enter before it's too late!}


Becky said...

what gorgeous work. I love so much there. Here is my favorite http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34311155. Thank you for sharing this store so I can go back and revisit it again

Frankie said...

I love this bracelet
and this necklace

Enter my give away too! http://frankiesartwork.blogspot.com/2010/03/measured-monday-featuring-give-away.html


IsabellesAttic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IsabellesAttic said...

this is my favorite piece, love pearls and it looks so unique too:

my email address: lizzyo21@hotmail.com

Enid said...

Hi everybody;

Thanks so much for participating in this giveaway. I made a Spanish blog post of this giveaway, just in case you need a translation. And there is three more pictures of the necklace (the three first ones) so you can see how gorgeous it is!!!


Good Luck to everyone!!!

Dot said...

Wow! The pieces are all so pretty, but the two I really liked are The Turquoise Ring and the Long Blue Leather Necklace with Hangings. I just love the colors she used in both pieces.


teener1416 said...


i love your shop so much



Laci Jo said...

i love the necklace and the heart!


bizee1 said...


I dont know if this is still available, but I just Love, Love, Love the Earrings in wood with animal print from the Eco Jewelry section!!!
as seen here:

My name is Bizee1 and I love this stuff totally! I can bne contacted at:

thank you

Thank you

Hallie said...

I love this one!



Lolo Sinclair said...

I love her store. She has a beautiful work :-)

These are so cute :-)

Good luck everyone.
Lolo :-)

Christin said...

I'm just looking at Etsy for the first time... LOVING the things that this particular store has to offer, as everything is pretty AND affordable. who knew that combination could still happen?! ;D

My fav two pieces are "Beautiful stone in a necklace with wood" and "The Mixed necklace"

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Christin :)
GvnJCmyALL (at) aol.com

JWhiz said...

I love these items:



www.jwhiz.etsy.com (best place to reach me)


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