Creating pin Cushions with Vintage Fabric and Trim!

For this month we get to play with old things. I already had my mind on sewing, so I thought what a perfect time to craft with some vintage fabric and old trim.
Here you'll find my way to make a pin cushion. I could make these up all day. I perfect way to use up fabric scraps! These make perfect gifts for people who like to sew and even for people that don't like to pick up a needle and thread but love the look and feel of a handmade pin cushion. :)

  • Begin by placing your top and bottom fabrics together. Trace a cereal bowl onto the back side of the fabric.
  • Cut out with pinking shears. (Pinking shears help the fabric from fraying)
  • Hand baste a simple stitch all around, about a 1/4" from the edge. Leave a 1" opening.
  • Turn inside out. Use you finger to help round out the inside curves..

  • With stuffing of choice, fill you pin cushion. Use your finger to push in the fluff.
  • Once satisfied with the firmness of the cushion, stitch the opening shut. Don't worry about the exposed seam.
  • Using 2 strands of embroidery thread and your longest needle, start at the center of your pin cushion. Pull the thread right through the center, then holding the center with your thumb like so, bring the needle back up in near the same spot, (watch out for your finger) and pull tight. 
  • Wrap the thread around the cushion and bring the needle up through the center. Do this twice for each section. 
  • After you have four sections, continue as shown to make eight. Don't worry if your pin cushion looks 'lumpy', this adds to the homemade charm. :)
  • To make the center flower, Cut 2 exact lengths of pretty silk seam binding. Here I used vintage seam binding that I hand dyed. 
  • Bring the 2 ends together and stitch in the center. Layer the second piece as shown. You can also add two more to make your flower more poufy.
  • I hand stitched some of the same vintage seam binding around the pin cushion to cover any irregular stitches and to also show off the vintage trim I added next.

Here is another variation of a flower for your pin cushion. This is lace I found while scanning some family photos from the 1940's.  I used this lace on the bottom of the cushion below and in making the flower.
You will need:
4 lace circles. Fold them in 1/2, in 1/2 again and once more. Stitch the bottom to keep them from coming undone. Sew all four 'petals' to the center of your pin cushion.
I chose not to make sections in this pin cushion as I don't plan to use it for sewing. Just for looking at as it's so pretty. :)
Thank You for coming by! Please continue along to see what  the other amazing designers have made with "Vintage" items.


Ann Butler said...

You project combines many of my favorite things, vintage, sewing and fabric....nice pin cushions!

Unknown said...

how cute! Love these fluffy things :)

Susan said...

I wish I sewed more, just so I could use a cute pincushion! Loved your fabric choice.

Ann said...

This is sooo cute. Thank you for the project.


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