Amazing Mold Putty - Sea Shell Magnets

Have you ever had a special sea shell or two that you just loved and wish you had more of?
With Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin, you can now do just that as I did here!

Begin by mixing equal amounts of  the "A" and "B"  putty.
Work quickly to blend so no traces of white remain.

 Then  tear off some of the putty and form into the general shape of your shell. Make sure you are working on a non-stick surface such as a kraft mat or wax paper. Press your shell into the putty.
 Form the putty up near the top of the shell so you have a snug mold. The long pointy shell broke through the bottom of the mold which would have caused any resin to leak out. So I added some extra putty to reinforce it as shown in the above photo.
Leave alone to set, about 15 minutes, then pop out your shells and coat the inside with Pearl Metallic  Alumlite. The powder is great and a little goes along way with just a dry paint brush. This will give the finished piece a nice sheen. Be sure to use the measuring cups provided to mix equal amounts of the quick cast resin, part "A" and "B" or your pieces will not set properly.
Pour both measurements into a dixie or other paper cup and mix until clear with a popsicle stick. Pour quickly into your molds by bending the cup into a spout.
You may feel the resin heat up in the cup, so pour quickly as this is part of the set process.
 The photo on top is the resin just poured. The photo on the bottom shows just how quickly it begins to set, almost like magic! When the resin is hard to touch, about 10-15 minutes, carefully pull them out. Use sharp precision scissors to snip off any irregularities. If you have waited too long, and they are fairly hard, a craft blade and fine sandpaper can help you with that.
 Here I glued the resin shells onto little magnets with E-6000. 
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will visit the Amazing Mold Putty blog for more inspiration!

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Proxxon Tools said...

i just love shells, thanks for you submission to be on the AMP team...


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