June 15, 2013

Glass Etching - Clouds Votive Holder

 People seem to think that glass etching is complicated when really, it is super fun and easy to do.
With the help of etchall®,  you can add great designs to any glass object!

 To make the clouds votive holder, I used a clean glass jar, a vinyl mask,  clouds craft punch, a squeegee  and etchall® cream.
 The mask punched easily with the hand punch. I placed the cloud punched vinyl stickers all over the jar. Then I applied ample amounts of the etchall® cream to the clouds only. After about 10 minutes, I flipped the jar upside down, so the drips can go the other way and let set for another 10 minutes. It really only takes 15 minutes for the etchall® to work its magic, but I figured a extra 5 minutes could not hurt.
After 20 minutes, I used the squeegee to scrap off the etchall® from the clouds and I deposited the cream back to the container as it's reusable! :)
 Then I took the jar to the bathroom sink and washed off the remaining cream, rubbing slightly with my fingers to remove any residue. Before I peeled off the mask, I dried each cloud thoroughly with a dry tissue and buffed the clouds as I worked. I peeled off the mask and had a instant dreamy votive holder! 
Seeing how the candle in the jar cast "clouds" onto the wall had inspired me to (next time) take the punched out clouds, add them to a larger glass jar, then use the dip n' etch® to cover the entire jar and  place on a lazy Susan for a moving light show. Doesn't that sound like fun? So are you itching to etch? What would you etch? Visit the designers below for more etchall® inspiration!


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