Thursday, June 20, 2013

Star Spangled Wreath!

 Hi Everyone!
     I wanted to get a jump start on decorating my home for next month and nothing says "Summers Here!" like a Star Spangled Wreath!
 For this wreath you will need: a wire hanger, scissors, a pencil, a embossing tool, large piece of cardboard,scotch tape, star punch, glue, double stick tape, the back side of a mouse pad and a card board star from this template. I reduced the size by 50%.
 Trace the star of the backside of your papers. Cut out stars. Begin embossing a straight line from star tip to star inside as shown in the top photos. Do this on the back of the patterned star. Go all around the star until you have connected all the tips as shown. Then begin folding just the star points, creasing the embossed line outwards. When all 5 points are creased out, then begin creasing the other lines inwards.
 Here are the papers that I used:

Here is your finished star. Do this to all the colors.
Next, form your wire hanger to a circle shape.Tape to a circle cut piece of cardboard as shown.
 Turn over and add double stick tape to the surface of the cardboard. Start placing your stars, pressing their tips into the tape.
 Use your favorite star punch with the paper scraps made from the larger stars. Use these little stars as filler to cover tape exposed areas on the wreath

Add little stars to the larger stars and randomly add red dew drops where ever you like.
 Top the wreath with a sparkly bow and hang on your front door to welcome Friends and Family!
I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to create your own "Star Spangled Wreath!"


Lisa said...

It turned out so good! I love the patterned paper that you chose! Glad the star pattern helped!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love how you made the stars. Wonderful idea.

Susan said...

love it!


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