Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Butterfly Card!

  I really love creating with The Robins Nest White Glitter Swirl Card stock, reason being is that you can customize it to any color you want!
  I began by creating the back ground using a turquoise color mister.
  Then I used a red ink dauber for the inner card. See the instant transformation?
You can wipe off any excess ink from the swirl design with a dry napkin.
  I placed the red card onto the larger turquoise card and made grooves at the corners with a rectangle hand punch. Then I wrapped some Red Timeless Bakers Twine around, securing the starting and ending strands on the back of the car with tape.
I added a pretty butterfly to the center, some Moonstone Diamond Dew Drops for the butterfly's body, and some Indigo Diamond Dew Drops to the red card. All Diamond Dew Drops are on Sale 20% off until June 30th, 2013.
A pretty stamped sentiment completed the creation.
Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoyed my card.

1 comment:

pauline beaulieu said...

In french we said "Fan finie" of butterflys... Your cards are very wonderfull,to me and it's à Fresh air coming in my brain. I surrely make at least one of these. Thank you to show your beautyfull créations and even if it's hard sometimes to be a creator thing about people like me, seing those création and have butterflys in their soul....
Best regards


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