June 13, 2013

Multi-Colored Resin Bangles

 Now that School is out and Summer is "officially" here, I knew I needed to spruce up my jewelry collection so I made up some fun colorful bangles!
To start, I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty, and pressed it on the outside of a old plastic bangle mold that I found at a garage sale. The inside of the mold had someone's resin mishap and was unusable. Then I added some more mixed putty to the inside of the mold.
 Before letting set completely, I flipped it over to look
for any creases or air pockets I could fix.

After about 10 minutes, the mold was ready for resin.

Using the measuring cups provided, I poured "A" and "B" Amazing Casting Resin. Then I added about 3 drops of Alumilite dye to the "A" resin. I do this because once you mix "A" and "B", you have a short window to thoroughly mix and pour before the resin begins to set. I mix the resin and dye with the popsicle stick provided, scraping the sides as I work. Then I quickly pour both into a paper dixie cup, again mixing quickly, before creasing the corner of the cup to serve as a spout.
 I pour as close to the molds opening to avoid resin drips. If dripping occurs, quickly change sides. Make sure to leave room in the molds to add colors. Let each color set before adding a new color. I clean each cup out quickly with a baby wipe and then a dry napkin.

Then I'm ready for the next color batch. 
It takes approximately 15 minutes for each color to set.
 When your molds are filled and the resin is hard to touch, you may pop them out and begin carving off the rough edges with the the open blade of precision scissors. This is easiest to do when your bangles are fresh from the mold because the resin is still not completely cured. Hold the scissors the same way you would curl ribbon for a present. Go all around, inside and out until you have a smooth edge. If you have waited too long and the resin is much harder, keep working at it with the scissors, it will just take a bit longer.
  Once you have finished with all your bangles, place them on a bit of wire mesh or a old baking rack outside. Spray evenly on  both sides with a gloss sealer/finisher. Let dry until it's no longer tacky.
 Then enjoy your bangles and have a colorful summer! 

 For these bangles I used Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Alumilite Dye.
To achieve the white, I simply left the Amazing Casting Resin to set, uncolored.
~ Michelle Frae Cummings
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