Bleach Painted Canvas Shoes!

 I am in Love with these canvas shoes from ...of all places...K-mart! They are less than $10 each. I have red and white striped, blue and white striped and black. Super comfy for the most simple of shoes. I bought a extra pair of the black so I could do this to them.
Alisa Burke gave me the idea.
I was inspired by her post here.
I really love how the bleach made the black into a burnt orange. After I was done and the shoes were dry to touch,  I took a black sharpie and accented some of the designs. 

Don't you love the heart inside?
I think I'm going to wear these all summer long.
What do you think?


Carmen said...

Michelle, I think these look very chic! You've turned something plain into a one-of-a-kind. Neat-o...

Carmen :-)

Elaine Akers said...

The shoes came out great. I bought a white pair at KMart last year to paint on, but never got around to doing them. (sigh)

Susan said...

Those turned out great! Kind of Halloween colored, huh!


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