How to make Flowers using Soda Cans

Here's a tutorial I posted in April of 2013.
 It's probably my favorite of all my spring crafts.
I hope you enjoy it!

For this project, you will need:

* Favorite flower dies that will cut through tin. I have a bunch of retired Sizzix big dies that work great!
* Embossing folders
* Die cutting machine
* Soda Cans
* Wet and dry towels
* Gloves and Scissors
* Alcohol pens or inks
* Assorted nail polishes
* Floral wire
* Buttons
* Jewelry pliers.
* Craft sheet or protected surface

 Begin by cutting up your empty soda cans and clean them with a wet cloth.
The can will automatically curl up, so gently curl the opposite way being careful of any sharp edges.

Cut the tin into sections that will fit the flower shapes you want cut out. Run them through your die cutting machine. Then place them into the embossing folders and run them through again.

 Working on a paper towel and a craft sheet, use the fine and wide tips of your alcohol pens to color in the flowers. If using alcohol inks, use a q-tip to add the color.
Try using multiple colors for a mosaic effect. 

 Select your nail polishes. 
As you can see, I have quite a few!
I love to "paint" my nails as much as I love to make art! 

Add more fun detail to your flowers with the nail polishes.
Play with some of the solids and glitters.
Make sure to work with a window or two open as some nail polishes stink more than others, and it's usually the one you like painting with the best!
Once dry, the nail polish will act as a sealer.

  Leave your pieces to dry while you clear your work space for the next step.

 You will now need the floral wire, pliers and assorted buttons.
Play with your flowers to see which two will pair well.
Then find a button that mostly matches the bottom flower.

The other two buttons don't matter. You just want to make sure the buttons are larger than the flowers hole.
 Fold a bit of the wire as shown. Then thread the first button onto the bent wire to rest at the end. Add the small flower, a button, the large flower and the final button.

 Wrap the small bit of wire around (as shown) at the back of the large flower.
 Be sure to leave room for the flowers to spin.

 Fold the remaining wire so you can secure the end piece at the back of the flowers.

  Now you have made a beautiful flower!

 Place these inside to brighten up lonely indoor plants, or outside with natures best and watch your colorful creations spin in the warm breeze!
The combination of the alcohol pens and nail polishes really pick up the outdoor light. Maybe give a couple to a friend to brighten up a office.


Jean Bullock said...

Cool, Michelle. I didn't know you could do that with the dies.

Unknown said...

Great idea smile 😊


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