How to make Rug Hooking Hair Clips!

 No matter if spring has started for you or you are still waiting for the snow to melt, these "Rug Hooking Hair Clips" are sure to brighten any day! 
 You will need:
1. A embroidery hoop.
2. Burlap
3. A small cup to trace and a permanent marker.
 4. A crochet hook- size00/3.50MM.  Wrap lots of rubber bands around the hook to make for a no-slip-grip!
5. Brightly colored Kunin Felt cut into 1/4" strips. The longer the better.
6. Hair clips.
 7. Sharp fabric shears. These are by Fiskars.
8. Crayons.
9. Aleene's tacky glue. 
10. Additional felt sheet.
 Place your burlap in the hoop. Trace your circle. Mine measured about 2".
Push your hook through the center of the traced circle. Catch the felt with the hook and pull loop through. Continue pushing and pulling through until you are happy with your flowers center. 
 Trim off excess felt strip and start with a new color.
Repeating the same technique, over and over.
If you make a mistake, such as spacing your loops to far apart or pulling up too much of a loop- simply pull felt strip from under the hoop to remove mistakes. 

 Change colors as desired.
Stop working when you have reached desired flower size. 

  Trim burlap to be larger than your traced circle.
Flip over and trim off any long felt ends.
 With your scissors, cut sections (as shown) into the burlap, right up to the very edge of the flower.
Add a ample amount of glue to the back side of the flower.
Fold the burlap sections over into the glue, pressing firmly.
 For the last to sections, add a bit more glue.
Now place more tacky glue over the pressed down burlap.
 Cut two same size felt circles. Place one onto the glue, pressing firmly.
Add glue to the second felt.
 Place the open hair clip in between the two glued down felt circles.
Place a crayon inside the hair clip to keep the clip from accidentally being glued shut if any glue seeps through the felt.
Leave to dry before wearing your floral creation!
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Terry Ricioli Designs said...

So bright and colorful!

Anonymous said...

SO cute! Need to try those!!! Are you almost done with the tiara tutorial? By the way, can you please check out gemstonesintherough.wordpress.com and tell me what you think about my tutorial, please? Thank you sooo much! :) BTW, I'm Musa Melodic.


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