Quick and Easy Miniature Works of Art


 The cool thing about making these miniature works of art is that they don't take up much time, space or money. These fit nicely inside a Deflecto 5x7 flexible pouch- available soon here. The pouches are great for mini books, photos, recipes and so much more!

 To make these miniature works of art, you will need the following:
  1. Sturdy watercolor paper, cut to be smaller than 5x7. Make sure they can slide in and out of the pouches with ease.
  2. Pencil to draw.
  3. Fine paint brush, cup of water, and palette. I used a few paper plates.
  4. Acrylic paint. I used bright yellow, fluorescent pink, sea green, ice blue.
  5. 2-3 standard black permanent markers.
  6. Music to paint with. I listened to Techno while working on these. The tribal beat made me paint  in a hurry but it all came out fabulous!
 Sketch your basic design with the pencil. Do the same design on all 4 papers. Use cups and glasses to create the perfect circles.

 Begin painting with your lightest color. Alternate (as shown) as to where to paint on each card.

Next, add the pink. Be sloppy. Its OK.

 Some sea green. Don't be neat, it takes away the spontaneity of the Art.

 Then the blue. Don't be afraid to color outside the lines.

 Now go back and add more color. Messy painting is good.

 Now this is the FUN part!
When your pieces are dry, use the black pens to add detail. Sometimes you might hit a damp paint  spot. Simply wipe the pen nip off onto a napkin, cap it and use another pen.
 See? Everything turned our great! No need to worry. Now we have miniature works of art to enjoy and share!

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