Boho Bridal Wear with Decorative Trimmings


 A handful of DCC designers and I received product from Decorative Trimmings to inspire you in making Wedding themed projects.
Decorative Trimmings is a manufacturer of high quality braids, cords, ribbons, fringe and other trim.
Decorative Trimmings are used in bridal wear, Renaissance costumes,Mardi-Gras, masks, hair adornments, hand bags, jewelry and more!

I love anything Boho/Gypsy, so naturally I fell in love with these sequined trims!
I've created 2 headpieces and a garter.

To make the headpieces, I used the following:
 Sedona Rose Hologram Sequin Trim

New Orleans Fushia Trim

  1. Measure- starting at your forehead, and continue all the way around. Add a extra ½".
  2. Secure ends with a small piece of clear tape to keep the sequins in place.
  3. Overlap ends, tape on tape and hand stitch with a thread and needle until secure.
  4. Cover stitched  area with a decorative butterfly, either with hot glue or a thread and needle.
  5. Wear headpiece across the forehead or as a headband.

So beautiful the way the sequins sparkle in sunlight.
 Perfect for a Bridesmaids, girls night out, a princess party or everyday wear!

 To make this garter, I used the following:
 Purple Spot Sequined Trim

2" Purple Chainette Fringe

  1. Measure above the knee and cut both trims to be 1" shorter the actual leg circumference.
  2. With a thread and needle, hand stitch the purple trim to the fringe as shown. 
  3. Open up the fringe by trimming off the bottom. It is stitched for you so the fringe can hold its shape before creating with.
  4. Stitch  a 1" piece of like or dark colored elastic to both ends. This is your elastic give.
  5. Place on leg, above the knee and give a little "shake"! 

Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed my Boho Bridal wear!
Please visit the rest of the designers here for more Wedding themed projects using Decorative Trimmings.


Lorine Mason said...

I would love to be invited to this wedding. Such fun and great use of trims.

madelinesthoughts said...

Pretty combination of trims makes lovely accessories for many occasions - nice ideas!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Thanks ladies!

Rita Barakat said...

Brilliant ideas Michelle you should model them! SO cute!

Unknown said...


Thank you for your contribution to the Decorative Trimming Design Circle. These whimsical accessories will add sparkle to any celebration!


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