Like Night and Day...

That what I say to myself about the weather.
Here in Aliso, it's overcast and cool.
In Borrego over the weekend is was hot.
Almost to 95 on saturday and I'm still feeling it.

It was nice though. Mom and Dyllan kept busy most of Saturday while I took my time driving around taking photo's and visting places.
( please click on ANY photo for a close up!)
There were some new iron art works displayed through the valley. You can see more here.

The heat kind of took a toll on my picture taking creativeness. Last year when we came in April, it was cooler. You can see those pics here as well.

I liked this iron work of a priest and his dog because the artist made rosary beads from iron and smooth stones. Very clever.

The neighbors next to my Mom, made a trail next to their home. It's for their grandson, Jake and they welcome Dyllan to enjoy it too, which he does!

My favorite piece is their bottle tree. I can imagine on a windy day it makes some pretty music.

When I came back from my day out, Dyllan and I walked the trail. he showed me where he helped the couple start something new and where he had a minor brush up with dried cactus and survived.

On Sunday, I bought a plastic wading pool at the local hardware store for Dyllan to cool off in. I spent time in the patio watching him play and worked on art and some desert water colors to which I'm quite proud of. (will share with you someday...)
Dyllan ended up getting sunburned, - his first and then got bit by a fire ant right between the toes. Poor little guy. At least it was on the last day.

Above is how the desert will look in a couple of months. Dry, extra hot...no flowers.

Here's another set up shot I did while on my adventure. I like the horses best.

I also brought along a super sized flower press my uncle made me and added flowers I found along my way.
Well that's it. We came home late. Dyllan was so excited to see his Daddy, that he got over excited and had a meltdown.
Today after preschool he got a (much needed) hair cut and a new Star Wars lego toy for finishing his good behavior chart. ( he already has this one and this one.)
Tomorrow if it does not rain, I promised we would pack a picnic and go for a bike ride.


joybear said...

Beautiful shots!!! Sorry it was so hot!! Love the bottle tree and hope the little guys sunburn and bite heals quickly...and THANK YOU!!! I got the birthday RAK today!!! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself and sorry Dyllan got sunburned AND bit by an ant between the toes!

michelle said...

You know we have never been out there at all but I think we really should take the time to do that someday. Thank you for sharing all those grat pictures with us.

O and K said...

Hi Michelle...

the Pictue of the Eagle with it's mouth open (close up) is the best framed angle I've seen of that piece...
It seems to be one that many have had a challenge to photograph so as not to get the rebar in the picture and yet the overall effect.


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