Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been Tagged!

My good friend Laura tagged me this morning so I guess I will play the game. ;0)

4 Jobs I've Had:-
Play house Set designer
A Holiday decorator for a gourmet foods store
Assistant Girl Scout Leader

4 Films I would watch over & over:-
Ever After
Never Been Kissed
The Mummy 1 & 2
Coal Miners Daughter

4 Places I have lived:-
Garberville , Ca
San Juan Capistrano, Ca
San Clemente, Ca
Aliso Viejo, Ca

4 Favorite TV Shows:
Ghost Hunters (TAPS)
Just For laughs (reminds me of Candid Camera!)
Ghost Whisperer

4 Favorite Foods:
Authentic Mexican
Bad to the Bone's BBQ Ribs
Any Pasta

4 Websites I visit everyday:-
My Blog
Fiskateers ask Stephanie,May,Cheryl or Holly about it!
My Yahoo Groups

4 Places I love to be:-
At Burke Williams getting a facial and massage
Building sand castles with Dyllan at the Beach
Visiting with Family
In my Studio~ Creating

4 Favorite Colors:
Shabby Chic Colors
Deep Purple

4 Names I love but wouldn't use for my children:-
Christopher Robin

So that's it! Now I will Tag........

Die Hohe Dame Blended Colors

The 2 dolls are ones I've been meaning to show off for some time.
These are part of a yahoo group I'm in called Friendship Dolls.

The top one is a Mermaid I made. It was for a swap. The idea was for us to make a doll fashioned after our favorite drink. I felt the mermaid was fitting for a Margarita on the Rocks with salt. She even has a a minature comb and mirror bejeweled with sead beads in her bag!

The bottom one is one I got to keep and only had to make her for a challenge regarding our favorite flower. I used some old panty hose from days gone by to make a sun flower doll. It was my 1st time face sculpting and she won 2nd place. I got a nice box of goodies in the mail!

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